Tour de Timor

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As a part of the 10th Anniversary of East Timor independence celebrations, President Ramos-Horta launched the inaugural Tour de Timor, which ran from August 24th to August 28th. The mountain-bike road race swept through nine of the East Timor’s 13 districts, encompassing breathtaking views during the day. The evenings were filled with cultural enrichment as the event stopped at traditional villages where local communities hosted competitors overnight.  President Ramos-Horta believes the event represented the spirit of peace, competition and adventure.

The 300 registered riders traveled the length and breadth of the young nation in just five days, experiencing the different sights East Timor had to offer. The riders were exposed to beautiful coastlines, tropical jungles and mountain vistas, riding through Baucau, Viqueuque, Betano and Maubisse just to name a few. The tracks comprised of paved and virgin roads, ensuring new challenges for the competitors. On their journey, riders were also able to see firsthand the coffee plantations that are fueling East Timor’s growing export industry.

The Tour de Timor will run annually and more information can be found at

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The images featured in the above gallery were taken by race participant Huw Kingston of Wild Horizons during the course of the event.