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A confined space can be an area with restrictions or limitations on how people gain access, move around or make use of it. Examples include tanks, pits, silos, sewers, etc. This means that they have limited exits that could require staff to crawl or crouch down while entering or leaving. The atmosphere may also present hazards requiring employees to wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE), use breathing apparatus, or undertake special precautions. Spaces with poor visibility and no natural ventilation or space that is already hot and humid or has the potential to become so will all present additional risks. Also, spaces that risk entrapment, such as in rotating equipment, may be considered confined spaces.


MultiSkills confined space training is a two-day unit of competency-based training for workers who must work in various confined spaces. The course is for people working in the maritime, construction, oil, and gas industries where confined space entry has increased risk of exposure to high hazard atmospheric contaminants (i.e., Oxygen deficiency or hazards associated with hazardous atmospheres).

The following topics are covered;


A business case must be written before starting this type of job. However, it can increase productivity and employee health and safety. Confined spaces are areas that may pose some risk to employees, especially if they do not follow standard procedures or lack experience operating within their confines. Confined Spaces come in different shapes and sizes, including pipelines, sewers, tanks, and vats.

Before working in a confined space, employees must be aware of the hazards associated with the space and safely work within it. MultiSkills provides two-day training that covers these hazards and mitigates them. The training is designed for maritime, construction, oil, and gas industries where there is an increased risk of exposure to hazardous atmospheres.

Some of the topics covered in this type of training include:

– Identification of confined spaces

– Hazards associated with confined spaces

– Atmospheric monitoring

– Safe work procedures

– Rescue techniques

The MultiSkills Confined Space Entry course is delivered through theory and practical exercises. On completion, participants should be able to;


– demonstrate their knowledge of the hazards associated with confined spaces

– determine what type of atmospheric monitoring equipment is required for a specific task

– demonstrate their knowledge of safe work procedures to use when entering and working within confined spaces

– plan and prepare for safe entry into confined spaces safely.

Suppose you are training personnel who are expected to enter confined spaces. In that case, considering this course as it provides them with relevant, up-to-date information which can increase productivity and ensure that employees remain healthy. Confined space entry remains one of the highest causes of fatalities within the maritime, oil, and gas sectors, so understanding how to enter these hazardous areas safely will greatly reduce risk exposure.