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If your corporation seeks to foster an atmosphere of team spirit while improving productivity, you should consider instituting a corporate wellness program. Improved physical health benefits each employee and allows them to work at their best. Furthermore, if your whole company participates in the wellness regimen, it will significantly improve team spirit.

Your corporate wellness program may be as simple as promoting healthy habits or evolving into a competitive event like a corporate step challenge. These programs provide points to each participant or even offer rewards to those who choose to perform extra activities.

A corporate step challenge is a popular type of corporate wellness activity. Almost anyone can participate in these challenges because they begin by putting one step in front of the other. These challenges track the number of steps each employee takes with a state-of-the-art tracking app and provides all the employees with feedback about their rank in the challenge.

Here are some of the features your corporate wellness program can be designed to provide:

  1. Customized challenges – Fitness will become a game as you post leaderboards for each healthy activity. Employees can earn points for each activity, and the spirit of competitiveness will drive them to achieve better health.
  2. Special Rewards – Your employees can choose from rewards such as visits to restaurants, entertainment coupons, recreational activities, and health or lifestyle products.
  3. Improved Mental Health – Your company’s program can include an AI mental health app, enabling your team members to voice their feelings and receive feedback which can assist them to redeem their good mental health.
  4. Localized Workout Activities – Your company’s fitness activities or wellness classes will take place in your corporate setting – so employees won’t have to travel to get fit and healthy.

Your programs can be delivered in up to 13 different languages. Your employees will receive notifications, wellness articles, and instructions in a language they understand.