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Sowing hope in hungry East Timor

March 26, 2010

For many East Timorese, the time between the wet and dry seasons includes three to four months known as the hungry months, when last year’s supplies of rice and maize have run out and the new season’s crops have yet to yield.

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East Timor marks a decade of independence

August 31, 2009

East Timor has celebrated the 10th anniversary of independence with a powerful speech by President José Ramos-Horta urging Timorese to move forward rather than look back.

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Cosgrove honoured amid E Timor celebrations

August 30, 2009

Retired General Peter Cosgrove has been presented with one of East Timor’s highest honours at a ceremony celebrating the country’s 10 years of independence.

General Cosgrove was the head of the Australian-led multinational peacekeeping mission which arrived in East Timor after the vote for independence in 1999.

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East Timor’s lost opportunity

August 29, 2009

Lindsay Murdoch pays a visit to East Timor ten years after the vote for independence.

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Troops leaving East Timor

August 28, 2009

The United Nations is preparing for a gradual withdrawal from East Timor early next year and expects Australia will begin to reduce its troop numbers about the same time.

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Ten years on, East Timor looks to the future

August 27, 2009

Eric Ellis writes about Finance Minister Emilia Pires and her hopes for her nation.

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Power to reach out and touch somebody

August 26, 2009

A brother of one of the Balibo five is paying back a favour, writes Lindsay Murdoch.

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A free Timor, but the price is high

August 22, 2009

East Timor voted for independence 10 years ago, but its people await a better life. Lindsay Murdoch reports on the story of young Pedro Unamet Remejio.

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UN to wind down their presence

August 20, 2009

The United Nations is preparing to wind down their presence in East Timor as the country’s security situation stabilises. UN forces have increasingly been handing responsibility back to the local authorities as East Timor’s justice system firms up.

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Appeal to help disabled children

August 18, 2009

Paul Stewart, the brother of murdered Balibo Five journalist Tony Stewart, has launched an appeal to help raise funds to aid a small group of Timorese nuns with their efforts for disabled children.

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East Timor increasingly popular with travellers

August 16, 2009

East Timor’s tourism trade has been benefiting from a new type of tourist: that of the backpacking extreme traveller who’ve been drawn to the country for its unspoiled beauty and genuine cultural experiences.

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Doctor making a difference

August 16, 2009

Dr. Daniel Murphy has been in East Timor for 11 years, helping the country with its healthcare needs, setting up the Bairo Pite Clinic. When he can he trains the local women as midwives to enable them to contribute to their communities.

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Order of Australia petition

August 12, 2009

The Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission has organised a petition calling for the nomination of an Order of Australia. The award will recognise the assistance the East Timorese gave to Australian soldiers during World War II.

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A punk-rocker’s connection to East Timor

August 8, 2009

Paul Stewart has long had a connection to East Timor. From family tragedy as a teenager to meeting President Ramos-Horta this year, East Timor has always played a part in his life.

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East Timor’s bid to boost tourism

August 6, 2009

This month marks ten years of independence for East Timor and the young nation is looking forward, to tourism. In a bid to boost visitor numbers East Timor will host its first international sporting event in September.

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Immerse yourself in culture

August 6, 2009

East Timor Prime Minister Gusmão believes that East Timor will attract tourists of a different kind.

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UN World Food Programme aids students

July 30, 2009

One-third of the population of East Timor regularly suffers from food shortage and many of these are children. The UN World Food Programme are working with the East Timorese government to provide meals at schools for students.

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Charity bike ride through East Timor

July 27, 2009

Paul Piaia, a founder of Australian Aid International, sets off for a 350Km cycle tour through East Timor to raise awareness of the country’s poverty-related social issues.

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For ANZ, Timor is going places

July 27, 2009

ANZ’s Dili branch is one of the group’s fastest growing outlets in the world. Customer foot traffic has been increasing by 2 per cent a week for over a year, new accounts are up 80 per cent over the past year, while lending has doubled.

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Indonesia to give concessions

July 16, 2009

Indonesia has agreed to various proposals from a report by the Indonesia-Timor Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF) to grant concessions to East Timor. These include permits for students, culture and tourism partnerships and a family reunification program.

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Female candidates in local elections

July 8, 2009

Workshops run by the UN are encouraging women to participate in upcoming local council elections in order to raise gender awareness and political empowerment.

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More than one type of learning

June, 2009

Palms Australia volunteer Monica Morrison is helping East Timor students with their education Masters degrees. But the lessons are not a one way street as she learns the ways of a different culture.

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East Timor with Caroline Pemberton

October 9, 2008

There are many people involved in restoring hope and dignity to the people of East Timor – one of those being Australia’s 2007 Miss World entrant, Caroline Pemberton.

Getaway accompanied Caroline on a visit to East Timor, where she worked as a volunteer at an orphanage way off the beaten track.

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Teaching for the future

September 28, 2008

Ellie Virgona, a Victorian schoolteacher, is volunteering in the East Timorese district of Ermera helping to establish a better education system through the training of local teachers.

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East Timor Parts I and II – Getaway video and fact sheet

November 17, 2005

Three years ago, Getaway was the first travel show to visit East Timor after it gained independence. The show was recently invited to pay a return visit, and the Getaway team joined an Orion Expeditions Cruise as part of a 10-day journey from Darwin.

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East Timor – Getaway fact sheet

October 10, 2002

“East Timor is not a holiday hotspot just yet, but with its beaches, excellent diving and snorkelling and people keen and anxious to make an honest living, it is slowly heading in that direction.”

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