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Women at sunset

Humans have long harnessed the radiant light and heat of the sun. As a source of clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy, it is hard to find an alternative to solar power. On the sun-drenched island of Timor-Leste, solar power makes both economic and environmental sense. UNICEF supports the use of solar energy by providing solar panels to health clinics throughout the country.

Photo by Martine Perret / UNMIT
Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nick Hobgood

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Actinostephanus haeckeli (Branching tube anemone)
Amphiprion melanopus (Black anemonefish) in Heteractis magnifica (Magnificent anemone)
Amphiprion ocellaris (Clown anemonefish) in Heteractis magnifica (Sea anemone)
Robust Ghost Pipefish
Amphiprion perideraion (Pink anemonefish) in Heteractis magnifica (Magnificent sea anemone)
Atriolum robustum (Ascidian) on Siphonogorgia godeffroyi (Soft tree coral)
Dili Rock
Bluebell tunicates
Bobtail squid
Daybreak Colours
Ceranthidae (Purple irridescent tube anemone)
Polka Dot Cowry
Cerberilla ambonensis nudibranch
Cerianthidae (Tube anemone)
Christmas tree worms
Aliens of the Sea
Classy Polka Dots
Bispira sp.(Tubeworm)
Flurry of Activity
In Hiding
Juvenile anthias in Serioatopora hystrix (Hard coral)
Pyrosome - colonial salp
The Gang at Anenome Village
All images copyright Nick Hobgood.

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